Yumi Katsura with Meiji Kinenkan 『New Japanese Wedding』 ~SHINING LOVE~

Venue: Meiji Kinenkan

Date: March 7, 2023

Yumi Katsura has successfully showcased the 89th show in Japan – the Yumi Katsura with Meiji Kinenkan “New Japanese Wedding”~SHINING LOVE~ at The Meiji Kinenkan on March 7, 2023,which had been waiting for three years due to the Covid situation.

Based on the theme of “New Japanese Wedding” and the concept of “SHINING LOVE,” we have announced about 60 of the latest Japanese and Western styles. Yumi Katsura’s new wedding ceremony proposal, a pair wedding style announced in the last scene, looks stunning at the traditional Shinto Wedding, which is unique in that the couples would wear traditional Japanese clothing instead of western style wedding dress.

It is exciting to announce that three shows received warm applause from everyone and ended with a full house. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to you from our team for your support and love.



From the day it is worn, the new love story begins