55th Yumi Katsura Grand Collection 2020 in Tokyo

55th Yumi Katsura Grand Collection 2020 in Tokyo

“Brilliant White Debut”

Venue: The Okura Tokyo

 Date: February 18, 2020

Yumi Katsura has successfully showcased the 2020 Yumi Katsura Grand Collection in Tokyo “Brilliant White Debut” at The Okura Tokyo on February 18, 2020. Being the 55th anniversary which is the 88th show in Japan, 70 pieces collection were presented. The collection shows 55 years of experienced couture techniques in Western and Japanese styles.

One-day special exhibition corner was held at the venue as well, display over 20 the greatest pieces like the dress certified by Guinness Book of Records, “WASHI-MODE” dresses made by Japanese paper that illustrates the history of Yumi Katsura.

It is exciting to announce that 2 shows were performed. Numbers of guests visited that even enjoyed our show at the standing area. Thank you all again from our team, for your support and love.



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